Ante-Natal Services

Pathway to Parenting – P2P Programme

P2P is a universal antenatal education programme which is primarily for all first time mothers and their partners/supporters. Where appropriate it can also be offered to mothers experiencing a subsequent pregnancy. The Programme has been developed in Norfolk in partnership with Children’s Centres, Norfolk County Council, Health Visiting and Midwifery. It’s delivered over 4 weeks in a Children’s Centre and follows the same basic structure across Norfolk. Bookings can be accepted at any Children’s Centre regardless of where you live. Your midwife should be able to give you details of courses locally and you can choose where you would like to attend.

P2P Course Content

Week 1 (Led by Children’s Centre staff)

  • how babies grow and develop and how to support and encourage this
  • how life will change and the support that may be needed
  • what’s good to buy versus what is essential
  • introduction to the Children’s Centre

Week 2 (Led by a Health Visitor)

  • the role of the health visitor
  • Feeding baby
  • what we have to do for our baby
  • safe sleep
  • why babies cry and how to settle them
  • nappy matters

Week 3 (Led by a Midwife)

  • labour and birth
  • pain relief
  • what to expect in the early days

Week 4 (Led by a Health Visitor)

  • understanding of the health care system and appropriate channels of care
  • rashes
  • bathing baby
  • immunisations
  • Time to speak to a new parent/breastfeeding peer supporter where available
  • Information given about community resources and support available after the end of this course including what the Children’s Centre can offer and the value of joining the library.

Considering feeding options?

Expectant mothers and their partners or supporters are welcome to attend our breastfeeding support cafes to find out more about breastfeeding and speak to other parents who have already chosen this option. (See Breastfeeding Support for dates)

Want to meet other new parents before the birth?

‘Caterpillars’ sessions run at Caister, Acle Marshes and Trinity Children’s Centres and also at Newtown Community Centre.  See the Activity Timetable for dates and times.  You can meet new parents, hear their birthing stories and make some new friends before your baby is born.