FSP stands for Family Support Process.

Early Help in Norfolk: early help addresses issues of the family, child, young person before or as soon as they become apparent.

Services will be brought together and co-ordinated in a “team around the child/family” and delivered closer to home. Where this early help approach differs from the current multi-agency working is that it is about proactively reaching out to families most likely to be at risk of poor outcomes. Schools and community services will play a key role in helping build resilience and stronger networks of support for families in their local neighbourhood. It is essential that children, young people and their families are enabled to help to shape how early help is provided so that there is better provision and improved outcomes, through co-designing services with people who have experience of using them, utilising their knowledge and expertise of what individuals really need. Offering services that are right first time helps to minimise costs and waste.

For more information please contact a member of our Family Support Team